WARNING: What You Are About To See is Raw, Outragous, and Totally Out of Control...

"Experience the Ultimate Combination of Incredible Parties, Crazy Bar Girls, and Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage of the World's Top Flair Bartenders"

Imagine for a second getting a front row seat into some of the craziest parties with some incredibly wild party girls and the best flair bartenders on the planet.

What you are about to see is definitely NOT for everyone. In fact, what we have found is that not all people like uncensored Wet-T shirt competitions, beer chugging contests, and behind the scenes bartending footage... go figure!

But if you're the kind of person we think you might be... then the raw and uncut craziness is the only way to go! And if not, it may not be your thing, but I think that it is a lifestyle that you are intrigued by...

You see, for over 5 years, we traveled the world in search of gallons of booze, insane bartenders, and crazy bar girls, and we stock piled all of this unbelievable footage... and after we got home we compiled it into the best of the best... now you can sit front row and go behind the scenes to see life through our eyes... take a peek!