Bottleslinger "The Movie"

“See What Happens After The Bar Closes!"

In this movie we take you behind the scenes and show you Raw Footage of all your favorite flair bartenders. See Flair Bartending Legends like Adriano Marcellino, Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, Francesco Leone, Mindaugus Gradeckus, Ed Hibbert, Ken Hall, Christian Oldan, Juan Llorente, Danny Rossi, Matius Supan, Marc Mital, Grant Riel, Tony Cogburn, ‘Pistol’ Pete Glavas, Shawn Oana, Ian Bartos, myself and others in our own working environments.

It is totally Raw, Hysterical, Outrageous, Completely Uncensored and incredibly entertaining.

Have a look at some of the debauchery...

It's pretty unbelievable, we traveled around the globe to the craziest parties, meet up with the craziest girls, and the world’s best Flair Bartenders… we really wanted to show people what it was like from our eyes, to show you our lifestyle close up and to literally bring you along with us into our world and you will see…

  • The world’s top flair bartender’s in their own environments, showing up close & personal their best moves and sequences
  • See what a ‘Real’ Wet T Shirt Competition is supposed to be like!
  • The most Raw and Entertaining Flair Bartending Footage ever compiled!
  • Some of the Wildest Footage of real life power drinking...
  • How to Party like a Canadian Rockstar in our home town Vancouver!
  • Why you should never lie to the Police.
  • Watch as drunk guy gets his balls kicked in, in front of a drunken party crowd!
  • Discover what happens if you drink (Tyler, how many ounces of booze in how much time)
  • Understand why you should not mix booze and bungee jumping!
  • See crazy Morgan dive off a cruise boat into the ocean in the middle of our party tour!
  • One thing you will always want to be careful of before I hand you a drink.

Bottleslinger II - "Tanked"

Get Your Uncensored VIP Pass Into The Lifestyle Of The World’s Top Flair Bartenders...

So we packed out bags again and travelled all throughout Canada, over to Korea, Vegas and all throughout the United States to get footage and film some of the top bartenders.

We showcase the Best Flair Bartenders on the planet like Adriano Marcellino, Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, Francesco Leone and more.... Come along for the ride as we host the craziest parties unlike any other, with some of the hottest, wildest, and the most beautiful girls around! You will see unreal Wet-T competitions, beer chugging comps, insane Flair Bartending, ‘Bottleslinger 2’ will take you to the edge and back… Its Action packed, Uncensored, and Completely Out of Control… have a look...

The moves you will see are not the low risk ones you see in most competitions, these are cutting edge moves that the best of the best hit in the comfort of their own home. These guys take their work seriously, they are the best in the world, and practice and train harder than you could ever imagine. We were able to take only the best stuff and distil it down to only the most Raw, most Outrageous, and most Entertaining Flair Bartending Footage and unscripted craziness that you could only imagine… you will…

  • Tour through World Champion Christian Delpech’s home and see where he practices and trains every single day.
  • Get toured through Venice Italy with Dario and Giovanni Doimo and see their actual practice bar in a deserted building behind their house.
  • Discover what makes a better Wet T-Shirt Competition – Real or Fake?
  • See first hand why you should never attack an innocent fichus tree...
  • Travel with me and see Korea’s top flair bartenders and how they ‘make party!’
  • Enjoy the Ibiza Nightlife and the Sangria overlooking the beach.
  • Party with the Bar Wizards Neil Lowrey and Neil Garner on the Streets of London.

Bottleslinger III - "Euro Trip"

On a plane overseas we went to get it on and have another intoxicating expedition to explore the European Flair Bartending Lifestyle and party non-stop with the most insane Bottleslingers that Europe has to offer. Come with us and trek through places like Italy, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam, the Greek Islands and meet up and Party along the way with Flair Bartending Legends like Dario Doimo, Giovanni Doimo, Vasco, Tom Dyer, The Bar Wizards Neil Garner & Neil Lowrey, Stretch Harman, Adriano Marcellino, and many more... it was awesome...

If 21 Days, 14 Cities and 7 Countries isn’t enough, then travel back home with your VIP Pass into the Bottleslinger party of the year where you will see some of “The Wildest Footage” of the Bottleslinger Girls going “Full Guns a Blazin”... the best yet! It is all Out Of Control, Unscripted Craziness that you could only expect from the Bottleslinger Crew!!! have a look for yourself...

Get Access Into The Wildest Parties And Save Thousands on Travel Expenses…

We will spend the money traveling and pulling around the luggage and endure the painful hangovers… yes, we will do the dirty work for you... :)

Who hasn’t had a night of drinking when the next morning you and said to yourself and everyone you know that is it…. that was the last night you will ever have a sip of alcohol again. Have you ever said that? Do you wish you could sit back for a change and let someone else get crazy and you watch over there shoulder? That is exactly what you will do, you will be the armchair traveller and you will...

  • See exclusive behind the scenes footage at the after parties at the Pinnacle of Bartending Competition.
  • See why people say that the infamous Calgary Stampede is the must party of the year.
  • Stand at the bar & meet Mindaugas Gradeckus (Mig) at work in Las Vegas and witness first hand his record number head stack as he walks around his bar to an electric crowd.
  • Watch flair bartending legend Tom Dyer in London show off the most raw and unbelievable flair footage you have ever seen.
  • See World Champion Rodrigo Delpech up close and personal at work in Vegas and then in Orlando showing his most disgusting multiple bottle patterns.
  • Discover what happens when you mix whip cream, a hundred dollar bill, a pair of panties and ‘The Cog’.
  • See the fasted Beer Chuggers congregate and go head to head for top honours.
  • Get up close and personal in Francesco Leone’s garage and see where he practices every day to be one of the world’s best.
  • Watch Adriano Marcellino perform mind boggling routines on the streets of Amsterdam.
  • Travel with us and party on the Greek Islands where ‘Anything Goes’!
  • Discover what happens when you mix naked women, booze, and a miniature swimming pool

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