Pinnacle Rules & Guidelines

• Any violation of any of the following rules and guidelines may result in expulsion from the competition.

• There will be a designated area for the bartenders to set their bottles, and to practice; any flairing outside of this area will be subject to disqualification.

• Bartenders may not display logos of any companies that are in direct competition with our sponsors.

• Bartenders are to bring their own music on CD format only. If you don’t have music, it will be supplied for you.

• Fire is not permitted.

• Bartenders may use their own tins, and ice scoop in the competition.

• Bartenders may use any type of pour spouts they choose.

• Bottles supplied by the bartenders must coincide with the sponsor’s brands.

• Liquor bottles may not be taped, or tampered with in any way.

• All liquor bottles will have a minimum of 3/4oz in them.

• Glass bottles will be supplied for juice. Bartenders may use their own Juice bottles or store n’ pours if they wish. All supplied juice bottles must have the labels completely removed, and will be approximately half full.

• Each Bartender will have four minutes on qualifying day to make one drink, one martini, and 1 shooter.

• Each Bartender that advances to the finals day will have six minutes to make the same drink list as qualifying day, and make one of the drinks from the original drink list a second time.

• Glassware will be provided unless you want to use your own.

• Garnishes & Straws are optional; if you want to put some fruit on the drink to make it look pretty, go for it.

•All bottles must be replaced back into to speed rail; we will not be throwing off.

• Bars will be reset to the schematic after each competitor; however you may rearrange it however you choose.

• You may replace the tins on the bar with your own if you wish.

• The lower portion of the bar and speed rail may be arranged as you wish.

• The round will begin when the MC says go.

• The MC will announce the competitor’s time periodically during the round, and count you down from 10 seconds.

• Bartenders are recommended to supply their own bottles and pour spouts for the event; we will have some bottles and spouts available, but cannot guarantee everything that you need. To be absolutely sure and prepared, we recommend bringing your own equipment.

• Bartenders may use as many extra bottles of each ingredient as they would like.

• All rules, guidelines and recipes are subject to change at the discretion of Pure Style Productions Inc.

• Please use good judgment in regards to your behavior. You will be held responsible for any and all of your actions inside and outside of the event. Please represent yourself and us well.

• By signing below, you release Pure Style Productions, The Roxy Cabaret and all sponsors from liability of any injuries that may occur to your person during the competition.

• By signing below, you release your likeness during this competition, be it film or video, to Pure Style Productions for future promotional or sales use.




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